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Brachlet ‘Daughter I wish you’

18 carot gold plated Italian charm brachlet, My daughter I wish you 17 interchangeable stainless steel charms with Swarovski crystals and 18 carot gold plated […]


Gold Locket

Gold locket with a picture of mom inside this locket had two chains and was in a navy blue box. Purchased in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter […]


Paerl cross pendant

Pearl pendant small cross on a gold chain. About a centimetre in length. The small pearls are Majorca pearls purchased in 1989/


Pearl ring

Pearl ring in red box with Majorca crest on it as it was purchased in Majorca in 1989. There were four pearls in a cluster […]


Wedgwood brooch

Wedgewood broach brown purchased from Laugton and sons, straton 1987 / 1988. Head of a lady guilt with strong pin at back year would have […]


Wedgeood brooch

Wedgewood broach green purchased from Laugton and sons, straton around 1987 / 1988. Oval white lady on Green background. Guilt surround with strong pin. Wedgewood […]


Celtic style gold chain 18 inch

Gold celtic chain about 18inch purchased jewellery quarter around 1997


Ruby ring 3 stone

Ruby ring with three large rubies. The ruby in the middle was slightly larger. Rather bigger than my finger size which is M purchased in […]


Silver Christening spoon

Silver christening spoon, 1929, with the initials MR in italics engraved on the top and two teeth marks in the bowl where mom as a […]


Eternity ring

Eternity ring brought in the Far East 1960. Diamonds all way round the ring some of the diamonds had been replaced in 2010 and were […]

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