Dark Blue RIB

An RIB has been taken from a driveway in Christchurch. It’s dark blue on the upper part of the boat with a white hull and […]

RIB Speed Boat

Police are appealing for information about the theft of a boat near Alford. The Pro-Sport black and yellow, twin engine RIB was taken from a […]

Avon Inflatable

A 5.2 metre inflatable Avon work boat on a 6 metre boat trailer was stolen from St Agnes on Wednesday 23 January 2013. It is […]

Rowing Boat

The rowing boat was stolen from The Doward, near SymondsYat by two White males in their 20’s who loaded it onto a White Transit with […]

Fletcher Speed Boat

Thieves entered a garage, where the speed boat was stored on top of a trailer, and removed the boat and the trailer. Sets of children’s […]

Ribtec RIB

RIB 8m RIB, stolen from Hillsborough in County Down, N Ireland. The RIB has plate no 98380. It has an inboard Yamaha ME420 STI.

Humber 9m RIB

Stolen from Northney Marine, a 9m black Humber Izit Rib with HIN No:HUMGB10268 It also had 2 Evinrude 200hp outboard engines on the rear – […]

Evinrude Outboard Engine

White, E-Tec, 200hp Evinrude Outboard Engine stolen from a marina on Hayling Island in Hamptshire. The engine has serial No:05232918 and Model No:E200DHXSCH Also taken […]

Small Boat

A Waker Bay 8 Dinghy type boat, together with oars and a sailing modification kit, was taken from its mooring on rocks at Kiln Quay, […]