Commemorative Coins

Are these your coins? Bedfordshire Police has recovered two silver coloured collector’s coins after charging two men with burglary. One is dated 1986 and commemorates […]

Mountain Bike

The bike, pictured, is believed to have been stolen and police wish to trace its rightful owner. The bike is believed to be worth several […]

Trials Bike

Wiltshire Police are seeking the owner of this Honda off road trials bike which may have been stolen in Swindon. It was found on fields […]


A collection of jewellery was found by Police in a vehicle in Cambridge. Earrings, necklaces, rings and an engraved neck chain were recovered. If you […]


Jewellery theft victims are being asked if they recognise earings, jewellery and other items recovered by police. The jewellery was found by police in June […]

Medical Chair

Police are searching for the owner of an unusual item found recently in Northumberland. On Monday September 17 what appears to be a specialised chair […]


Essex Police found this jewellery in the possession of two men who were arrested on suspicion of burglary. The jewellery hadn’t been stolen in that […]