Brown and white chihuahua bitch stolen with blue chihuahua dog who has now been found in the Barnsley area. Roxy is still missing. She is […]


“KAJA” is a five year old female Alsatian and was stolen from Hull on Wednesday 04 September 2013. “KAJA” was wearing a brown leather collar […]

4 Puppies

They were stolen from an outbuilding of a farm in West Haddlesey. The thieves broke into the building before stealing a Jack Russell, a miniature […]

Three Chihuahuas

Three Chihuahua dogs in their cages were stolen from a house in Denton. A male aged two years, ginger in colour, very small with a […]

Springer Spaniels

The white and brown Springer Spaniel bitches were taken form a kennel at Preston under Scar. One of the dogs is called Sally and is […]


The dogs were kept in a small barn with outside runs. To gain access the thieves forced a padlock, broke down a wall and cut […]

Miniature Dachschunds

Two pedigree miniature Dachschunds have been stolen from their owner’s home. They are both girls, Roxie aged two and Queenie aged six. They both have […]