painting depicts the martyrdom in 869AD of King Edmund of East Anglia and Englands first patron Saint. He is tied to a tree with crown on head wearing only a loincloth hands held in prayer with 4 arrows in his flesh.Behind him are two archers fixing other arrows to their longbow strings.Behind him is a thicket and in distance are hills and a church tower.At his feet lies a severed head and a wolf,
The painting is on a panel (oak) cut with a rounded top and set in a thick moulded arched frame covered liberally in gold paint. It measures 62.9cm height, 28.3cm width and 1.5mm – 5mm thick, varies on bevelled edges. Painting shows Italian and Flemish influences, with 15th century Italianate design of classical armour. Trees are later additions judged by style. Hills have blue pigment of azurite used in English paintings from 16th to mid 18th century. Trees thoughtto be later additions, though majority of painting is original and in good condition. More detailed information is available.

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