Two pedigree Shar Pei dogs who between them are worth about £6,000 have been stolen from a house in Ringway.

The oldest is called Kiara who is two-and-a-half years old and is due to give birth to eight puppies sometime in the next two weeks. Each puppy is worth up to £500. Kiara is described as being fawn-coloured and is visibly pregnant. She also has very few wrinkles which is rare for that breed of dog and has a pink tongue. Kiara is microchipped with the number 981000002883431.

The second dog is a one-year-old puppy called Saffina. She is described as being black with bald patches under her two front legs, with a blue/black-coloured tongue.

If you see these dogs, please let GM Police know.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberFriday 20 April 2012
Police ForceGreater Manchester Police 0161 872 5050