Please find below details of equipment stolen from the Band Rawkas,

2 Peavey UL12 Speaker Serial Numbers E1506225 and E1506227

2 Peavey Hysys1 Speaker Cabinets
Peavey RQ 2314 mixer”Serial Number K1044408 in Purpose Made Black/Aluminum Edge Case obviously bigger demension when in case

Peavey 2600 Power Amp, Serial Number P00081583
Peavey 2600 power amp serial number P0076377

The above Item is in a Purpose Made Black & Aluminum Edges ‘Rack’ Case 19″ width x 2U serial number P0076377

1 Peavey 2600 Power Amp Description as Above serial number P0081583 this one was in a Item is in a Silver Metal ‘Rack’ Case 19″

1 no K100PM Stage MonitorBlack Wedge Shaped Floor Speaker, Dimensions : – (mm) 410 x 140 x 420 approx

1 Mesa 4x 12 Guitar Speaker Cab.Black Cabinet with 4 no 12″ Speakers, MESA Logo on the front on wheels, Dimensions :- 33″ (835mm) x 30″ (765mm) x 14 (362mm), Weight : – 104lbs (47.17 kg)
The Above Item was in a Black Plastic Marshall Cover (ripped)

Rocktron Replifex Guitar Effects
Rocktron Electric Power Adapter for the Above
Korg Guitar Rack Tuner dtr1000 I have serial for this to follow
The Above 2 Items were Together in a Black Hand Made Ply Case

Shure PGDMK4 Drum Mike KitA Black Plastic Case with Drum Mikes in White on the Lid Containing 3no Shure PG56 Snare/Tom Microphones & 1 Kick Drum Microphone and Three Drum Mounts.

Speaker Lead CaseSilver Tool Box Containing 6 no Speaker Leads, 4 approx 20ft Long, 2 Approx 3ft Long with Blue Speakon Connectors – (the metal clip had come off some of the connectors) Also 4 no Mike Leads 2 Long and 2 Small. Case Width (mm): 290 Height (mm): 130 Length (mm)

Equipment CaseSilver Tool Box Containing a Small Lite Putter DMX Light Control Unit with Sliders, Voice Box Tube, Smoke Machine Foot Switch .Case Width (mm): 290 Height (mm): 130 Length (mm)
12Equipment CaseBlack Rigid Plastic Case with Stickers on, Containing Shure Drum Mike in a Black PVC Case, A Shure SM57 Mike in a Black PVC Case, Various Leads, Walkman CD Player, Screwdrive with Various Points. Case Width (mm): 290 Height (mm): 130 Length (mm) approx

Lite Puter DMX Control UnitSiler Aluminum Case With Lift off Ends Containing Electrical Equipment / Connections for Lights on DMX Controller Dimensions : –

Additional Info

Police Incident Number51980/10
Police ForceNorfolk Constabulary 0845 456 4567