Lizard Stolen from Telford Burglary

The Bearded Dragon Lizard was stolen, along with its tank.

The lizard – named Gizmo – is described as two and a half years old and one and a half feet long. The lizard is predominantly beige in colour with green markings. It also has small yellow spikes on its back and a yellow beard.

The tank is described as a wooden veneered tank in a light brown/orange colour. It is 36 inches long by 16 inches wide by 16 inches high. It has two glass panels at the front that can slide in either direction. The top panel of the tank cannot be opened. Inside the tank are two heating lamps, one blue and one red, along with a blue UV light at the rear of the tank.

Additional Info

Police Incident Numbertbc
Police ForceWest Mercia Constabulary 0300 333 3000