Do you think any of these items may be yours?

Police have seized a quantity of property in the Boston area and believe that some of it may have been stolen. If you recognise any of the items on the list or in the photo, please contact DC Justine Hughes at Boston CID on 01205 312239.

BMX bike

Female mountain bike

Hunting knife

Tool bag and contents


DVD players


Mobile telephones

Snooker balls

Computer tablet

Walkie Talkies

Underwater camera


Car radios

Sat Nav

LCD Montior

Video recorder

Most of the items have a unique reference number linked to them and so if you have any paperwork /receipts relating to your items, we would ask that you bring them to the police station by appointment with DC Hughes.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberDC Justine Hughes
Police ForceLincolnshire Police 0300 111 0300