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Lizzy a 3 year old collie was stolen from her Horsmonden smallholding on 13th of May along with her newborn pups which were only 36hrs old at the time of the theft. The chances are the thieves will not want to keep them to the correct age, but will try to sell them off when still too young, lying about their age. So if you are offered any pups within the next few weeks Please it is so importatnt to make sure you see the pup with it’s mother and check to see if it is Lizzy or not. Please look at the face markings in her picture. Lizzy tends to hold her ears in the pricked position.

If everytime the theives stop at a garage, go to the pub or supermarket, or see a poster it will make it harder for them to sell th pups and they might return her. Putting a poster (printable from the doglost website ) in the back side window of your car makes it a mobile advert that gets seen in more places.

The news about Lizzy and her pups is being circulated on facebook and twitter so you can catch up and see info there too. Over 10,000 people have already been to view the page and it is getting more every day.

There is a reward for Lizzy and her pups safe return. If you call doglost, all info will be confidential. You can also call Kent Police or crimestoppers, as well as the mobile numbers put out on her poster.

Thank you.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberCRN YY/9056-13
Police ForceKent Police 01622 690690