Do you recognise this bracelet?

The jewellery was handed into police recently after being found within the Halifax Building Society in Sudbury approximately a year ago.

There are ten pieces of jewellery, mainly gold coloured, and a number of old coins. The items include; a gold trinket bracelet with a number of charms including a padlock heart, boat, spade, lantern and 10 shillings note, a gold car pendant, a gold coin with a female silhouette on a chain, a gold ring with yellow stone, a blue coloured stone set in a silver pendant, a red coloured stone set in a gold pendant, a gold link bracelet with a padlock, a gold watch, a gold pocket watch and a silver pocket watch.

Calls in relation to this should be made to Sudbury Station Clerk and Property Clerk Cheryl Morgan on 101.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberProperty Clerk Cheryl Morgan
Police ForceSuffolk Constabulary 01473 613500