A house in Bognor Regis was broken into and 3 valuable clarinets were stolen together with other items as listed below:
– A LeBlanc contrabass 2 low D Clarinet, engraved “KILEEN SCHOOL” and dated about 1950, in a black case about 5′ long and one foot square. The clarinet looks like a giant paper clip covered in pads and levers.

– An Alto Clarinet in a black case. The case had the word “Newcastle” stencilled on the front in white, but this had been painted over.
– A Soprano Clarinet B flat of Coueson make, pre-war. This clarinet is unusual as it is in one piece with no centre joint unlike most clarinets. It was in a brown long thin case with a fake snake skin pattern;
– An Apple laptop;

– A Sony E-reader in a brown case;
– A ‘Beeman’ air pistol which looks similar to a black Desert Eagle or Colt 1911 type pistol.

The clarinets are together are valued at nearly £3000.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number0424 of 11/12
Police ForceSussex Police 0845 60 70 999