Stolen Late September ’10.

Club Roost Enduro XC4 with Gipemme Grecal Wheels. They went through moped lock like butter. Stafford town centre for the epic lose.

It’s mechanically a disaster, but I was in the process if repairing it, it recently had a set of second hand Avid hydraulics put on it.

The wheels especially, very few were sold because they had significant mechanical problems, then the distributer went bust shortly afterwards. Fixed by an awesome mechanic friend of mine, so if you have a set of minimally spoked gipiemme grecals cheap off a carboot/ebay, they more than likely are mine.. They are very distinctive, as most mountainbikers wouldn’t touch such roadie style gear with a bargepole!

Frame reasonably chipped, but who cares. Was a ton of fun to ride! Madison blanking plates, tube guides and DMR grips (Only with the DMR grips, so comfy!)

Those who locate the bike will gain a reward, not super expensive but one of a kind. I will probably build you a trick reward bike to play on.. I am good at stuff like that!

Additional Info

Police Incident Numberca/68685/2010
Police ForceStaffordshire Police 0300 123 4455