A large amount of jewellery was stolen.

These included:
• General Service medal (army) Northern Ireland 1984 in square white box with gold crown printed on it. This had a green and mauve ribbon with a pin and bar;
• Miniature General Service medal (replica of above);
• Bronze winners rugby medal 1984 in red leather hinged box;
• Silver-plated windsurfing medal 1983 in blue hinged plastic presentation box;
• Half-hunter pocket watch with gold chain, circa late 1800s/early 1900s with rich dark gold coloured chain. Each link was hallmarked;
• Rotary watch with brown leather strap;
• Engagement ring with sapphire in the centre and diamonds outside;
• Black onyx ring set in yellow gold;
• Pearl earrings;
• Small, plain hoop gold earrings;
• Oman gold earrings in distinctive bent H shape;
• Thin gold bracelet;
• Rotary watch with frosted gold strap;
• Gold bracelet with diamond pattern;
• Silver charm bracelet with up to 16 charms;
• String of pearls with oval-shaped clasp;
• Three antique thimbles.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberBN/11/396
Police ForceDevon & Cornwall Constabulary 08452 777444