2 Fridays ago, I was at a work party and my necklace was stolen. I filed the incident with the police.

Here is a brief description of the necklace:
750 white gold necklace, 0,20 carat diamonds with a letter D on the side of the necklace. The brand is Damiani (Italian company) and that’s what the D stands for.

I appreciate all the help you can give me, as to me is really important to have it back, especially for the sentimental value.

I will offer a reward for any tips or if you find it for me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Additional Info

Police Incident Number190248-1094
Police ForcePolice Service of Northern Ireland 0845 600 8000
Insurance Claim ReferenceN/A
Insurance Company Phone NumberN/A
Insurance Company NameN/A