Bedfordshire Police are appealing for the owners of bikes stolen in Bedford to come forward as there are a number of cycles waiting to be reunited with their owners at Greyfriars police station.

Investigation officer Kimberley Gee would like to hear from people who had their cycle stolen in the town centre, or surrounding areas, schools or cycle racks anytime between September 2012 and May 2013.

The photos are of nine unclaimed bikes, mostly mens’, which were recovered after officers arrested a man in connection with theft of cycles.

“We’d like to hear from anyone whose bike was stolen between September and May, around the town centre. I appreciate that most people will already have bought a replacement bike, or received an insurance payment, but identifying the bikes will also help us to progress this investigation so it’s important people do get in touch,” said I.O. Gee.

In order to claim your bike you’ll need a crime reference number or other proof of ownership. Photos of the bikes can be found at:

Contact Kimberley Gee by July 31 directly at

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberInvestigation officer Kimberley Gee
Police ForceBedfordshire police 01234 841212