Five clocks were taken from the house in Boughton Lees, during the day on Thursday 22 September.

One of the clocks is particularly distinctive. It is a heavy, slate temple-style mantle clock with a brass presentation plaque on the front.

Also taken was an art deco style polished, aluminium clock in the shape of an aeroplane with a 30 centimetre wingspan.

The other clocks stolen are a Seth Thomas gingerbread-style mantle clock; a circular brass travelling clock and a 1940s Anniversary 400 day clock with disc pendulum. Silverware was also stolen in the burglary and an art deco figurine of a nude woman holding a fruit basket above her head. The figure is on a marble base which used to have a pen-holder.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberFY/14893
Police ForceKent Police 01622 690690