Theft of Vehicle from North Scarle – Carrying Toxic Chemicals

A white Ford Transit Pick-up reg no MV61LXE was stolen from the yard of a poultry farm on Spalford Road, North Scarle. The vehicle was unattended and the driver heard it start up but did not see it leave. The pick-up is owned and used by a company from Anwick near Sleaford which specialises in cleaning and fumigating empty chicken sheds prior to them being re-stocked.

The vehicle was carrying toxic chemicals used in this cleaning process which could prove dangerous or fatal if they fall into the hands of vulnerable members of the public such as children. They could also be a hazard to the enviroment and wildlife if they are not disposed of in the correct manner.

The stolen chemicals include 20 litres of VIROFOG disinfectant which contains FORMALDEHYDE and 80 litres of VIASHIELD which contains GLUTALDHYE and BENZALKONIUM CLORIDE (apologies if the spelling is incorrect)

Additional Info

Police Incident Number255 of 30/12/11
Police ForceLincolnshire Police 0300 111 0300