The personal items and jewellery were found by Beds Police in a white, green and brown flowery pillow case in a hedge in Renhold Road in Wilden on February 8.

Enquiries to establish whether it is stolen or simply discarded for some other reason have drawn a blank prompting DC Danny Howett to make a public appeal.

Amongst the finds are a silver key fob with the initial ‘G’ on it, pearl and other assorted earrings, a gold feather brooch and a crucifix pendant necklace. Also found were some baby teeth, attached to which is note with the words ‘Zoe’ dated 25.6.11.

Dc Howett said: “We don’t have any reports of a burglary where these items are recorded as stolen but they may have been subject to a crime, or just discarded, either way if we can we would like to return them to their owner. They may not be of huge monetary worth either but the baby teeth may have some sentimental value?”

Anyone who can identify the items as theirs should contact DC Howett at Bedford CID on 01234 275347, on 101 or email

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