Strathclyde Police have recovered a collection of jewellery and coins which they believe is worth a six-figure sum.

The coins include South African Kruggerands – which can sell for £1200 each, and Spanish and various gold coins.

Most of the jewellery is distinctive and some items have been classed as unique; possibly bespoke designs. They include a gold Rolex watch encrusted with diamonds – estimated to be worth a five figure sum of money – a gold pocket watch, antique gold chains and diamond rings.

Some of the items are shown here, but a complete set of photos can be downloaded from HERE

Despite extensive enquiries police have so far not been able to reunite the owners with any of the items.

The items range from antique gold to brightly coloured gold, and include a Rolex watch, a Baume and Mercier watch, gold and diamond rings, ear rings, charm bracelets and other gold and diamond bracelets.

Efforts to trace the owners of the items have taken Police enquiries to places as far away as Hong Kong. Enquiries with Rolex have revealed that the watch was sent to a distributor there in 1992 but has since been altered by the addition of stones around the casing and on the bracelet, this would have had to have been done professionally. Maybe there is a jeweller out there who remembers doing this work or has seen it?

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