Slough Police will be holidng an open day in the hope of reuniting stolen tools with their owners.

It will be held at Slough police station on Tuesday 7 April, between 10am and 3pm.

It is believed the tools were stolen between 1 September and 29 November last year from Slough, West London, South Bucks and Hertfordshire. The stolen items include drills, saws, generators and tool bags.

Vans were the main target, primarily parked in hotel car-parks overnight.

If you had your tools stolen in similar circumstances, it is possible that Slough Police have them to return to you.

DC Katy Lewis of Slough police said: “There is no need for people to book an appointment to view the property next week. They can simply walk in during the specified times, signing in at the front desk first.

“For those who have reported their valuables as stolen, I would urge them to bring along their crime reference numbers.”

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberDC Katy Lewis
Police ForceThames Valley Police 08458 505 505