Police in Great Yarmouth are currently making enquiries to trace the owners of two large stone gargoyles (pictured).

The gargoyles, measuring about 2ft in length by 2ft high and 1ft wide, were recently found by officers and police are appealing for information about who they may belong to.

Anyone with information about where they may have come from is asked to contact PC Jon Silom, Sgt Joe Simon or Sgt Andrew Brown at Great Yarmouth.
Police believe the gargoyles may have come from a church or mausoleum and are also urging those with links to local churches, or living nearby, to be vigilant for any suspicious activity. If you suspect any crime may be in progress please alert officers immediately using 999.

If you are a church warden, or have similar links to premises, please ensure you have an up-to-date list of all valuable, historic or individual pieces and take photographs, that should be securely stored, to increase the likelihood of items being identified and returned if they are taken.

Police are aware of several thefts of items, including stone items being chiselled out of walls, since the start of the year and are asking church organisations to check their buildings and grounds to see if anything has been removed.

Officers are also asking anyone who may have bought any large stone items, such as busts or statues, in the past six months or so to get in touch. Please be careful if you are buying such items and have any suspicions about where they may have come from.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberPC Jon Silom
Police ForceNorfolk Constabulary 0845 456 4567