If you lost your Gibson, or know anyone who did while in New York– please contact me bc I WANT TO RETURN THE INSTRUMENT TO IT’S RIGHTFUL OWNER.

check out the news story here:

Well after midnight on a summer night of June 2007 — a guitar fell out of the back window of a SUV that was headed toward the Williamsburg bridge in Brooklyn, NY. Noone returned to retrieve it. I posted lost and found signs, asked the local bars if anyone called to say they lost their instrument, and contacted the bands whose stickers were on the guitar case. No luck. I’ve moved twice since and set it in the back of my closet. I am hoping to find it’s rightful owner.

HASHAVAS AVEIDA = “A person who finds a lost item is responsible to take it and safeguard it until the owner claims it. During this time, he is considered a guardian over the object, and is responsible for it as any other item entrusted to him.”

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