Eight guitars worth around £2,500 have been stolen from a music shop in Cheddleton.

The stolen guitars are:

* a unique Epiphone (epi goth) custom with a hand painted American flag
* a Fender Mexican Telecaster in custom surf green paint
* a Squier Fender Telecaster in custom placid blue finish
* a Lag T66 natural dreadnought electro acoustic
* a Lag T66 natural electro acoustic
* a Shine SIL-604N in a natural finish with wooden pickups
* a black solid bodied Epiphone featuring Chet Atkins signature solid bodied acoustic in black
* a Lag t100 black electro acoustic

If you see any of these guitars offered for sale, PC Tonks at Staffordshire Police would like to hear from you on 101, quoting incident number 179 of July 28.

Additional Info

Police Incident Numberincident number 179 of July 28
Police ForceStaffordshire Police 0300 123 4455