A one-year-old Harris hawk Maverick has been stolen from a house in Binfield near Bracknell.

The owner is worried that the thief may not know enough to look after Maverick properly – birds of prey need a special diet and careful handling otherwise they could easily die.

“If the burglar tries to fly him, it’s quite likely that Maverick will simply fly off and be living free somewhere in the area.

Maverick screeches if not properly fed so if he is being kept somewhere, neighbours may have noticed.

He is the size of a large crow with a 4ft wingspan and has reddish brown markings on the tops of his wings and white tips on his tail fathers. He has yellow legs and face and a hooked beak. When taken he wore a bell on his right ankle and leather straps on both. He may be in trees, on overhead cables or in a shed or aviary.

Mr Mayne is offering an undisclosed reward for information leading to Maverick’s return. Email Mr Mayne at helpfindmaverick@gmail.com

Additional Info

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