The burglary was from a house near Great Smeaton when a large amount of property valued at tens of thousands of pounds was taken.

The haul of goods including a £4,000 Cartier watch, four iPads, a Blackberry Torch smartphone, 30 Dolce & Gabbana hooded-tops, 30 pairs of D&G jeans, five to 10 pairs of D&G trainers, a cream ladies’ Armani coat with a fur hood and a Techno Marine watch worth £2500.

The jeans are in various colours: black, grey and blue, and are valued at £450 each.

The hooded-tops are also in various colours: black, grey, blue, white and brown and are each valued between £450 and £900.

Clearly it will be intended to sell these items on and anyone being offered similar goods on the cheap should contact the police.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number12110209293
Police ForceNorth Yorkshire Police 0845 60 60 24 7