The Black Land Rover Freelander registration LV51 NLA, was taken at around 3pm on Saturday, 22 December, from a road known as Ash Path, off Gunner Lane, leading up to the Waseley Hills.

The driver of the Land Rover – a woman in her 40s – had pulled up at a nearby field to tend to her horses. She left the keys in the ignition and had just got out of the vehicle, when she was pushed over by a man who then stole the Land Rover.

The offender reversed the vehicle down Ash Path at speed, crashing into the gates of a house, before turning around and driving off quickly into Gunner Lane.
It is likely to have damage to one of the rear light clusters from where it crashed into the gate. It has a dark grey cover over the rear spare wheel with a Land Rover logo on it.

The vehicle was very low on diesel when it was stolen, so may not have gone far.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number506S 221212
Police ForceWest Mercia Constabulary 0300 333 3000