STOLEN between sunday evening 1st July to monday am 2nd July,2012.
1994 Reg Number “M” and ends with “HP”, like the sauce. Immaculate non scratched, non dented Landrover, 110,long wheel base, in green with off white roof, roof lights each side, sun roof, cream original wheel trims, spare wheel on back with plain black cover over it. Tow bar with rubber cover, with reflector light missing out of it. Tow eyes on front bumper. Green patch sign above right hand rear window on the roof area, with a yellow arrow pointing left on same sign. This was riveted on. A St George’s sticker was below this rear right window. A “Lookers” sticker was on the back rear door window. The whole of the rear floor area was fully carpeted in maroon including the shelves over the wheel arches. There was also a plywood flat shelf directly on top of the carpet on the left hand side for camping purposes.

Reward of £500 if results in her recovery.

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberCF0521910712
Police ForceEssex Police 0300 333 4444