A marine light has been stolen from the beach in Heacham.

The Carmanah M650 was set up by an environmental measuring team before dawn on New Year’s Eve. The two man team set it up on the rocky area next to the boating ramp and then heading around 1km out to sea to conduct their tests.

The light was stolen sometime between 6.50am and 7.15am,on 6th Feb while it was still dark.

The light is powered by a solar panel and the only way to stop it flashing 5 times every 20 seconds is to turn it off with the remote control, which the measuring team still have. If the batteries run out, as soon as it comes into contact with light it will start flashing again.

It is cylindrical, weighs about 1kg, measures 15cm x 15cm and is grey with a silver band running around its circumference. It also has EMU LTD written on it in black permanent marker.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number06/02/12
Police ForceNorfolk Constabulary 0845 456 4567