Burglars stole a collection of medals and other items which the owner would dearly love to have returned. The stolen items included:
* silver Malaya General Service medal, with a purple and green ribbon attached,
* two flour-de-lays brass army badges,
* two brass army drum badges on red backgrounds,
* a brass West Yorkshire regiment white horse in gallop badge,
* an army crossed sword badge in brass on a red background,
* a solid gold gentlemen’s wrist watch with numbers on the light coloured face and a gold plated expandable bracelet,
* two ladies’ watches with leather straps,
* a selection of ladies’ badges and brooches from Knaresborough golf club,
* a pearl necklace and
* a pair of gold cuff links oval shaped with faint diagonal criss-cross lines on the face.

The thieves also took a collection of coins and notes, including:
* 60 Scottish £1 notes,
* a pink £20 note which is at least 60 years old,
* 15 to 20 five shilling coins,
* four commemorative coins in sleeves or presentation boxes and
* a number of pre-decimal coins including florins and two shilling pieces.

If you see any of these for sale at a car boot sale, an online sales site or anywhere else, please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, press option 2 and ask for Scott Nugget.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number12120025234
Police ForceNorth Yorkshire Police 0845 60 60 24 7