A reward of £2,000 is being put up for the return of stolen military medals from the Redoubt Fortress and Military Museum in Eastbourne.

More than £16,000 in war artefacts were stolen.

Among the items taken were:
* a collection of 12 medals awarded to decorated British soldier General Sir John Hackett.
* a brass bugle with Russian double-headed eagle,
* a silver cigarette box, and
* numerous medals including an Iraq medal and a Queen Elizabeth Cross.

Jonathan Seaman, Museum Officer at Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “The loss of General Hackett’s medal group really feels like the desecration of a great war hero’s memory.

“This was a person who went above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions during World War Two, including being seriously wounded and captured at Arnhem as part of ‘Operation Market Garden’ only to escape whilst still swathed in bandages to re-join the war effort later.

“Many people who had served with or knew the General came to the Redoubt to see his medals and share memories. Now the link to the great man has been lost.

“The objects stolen from the historic ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ are virtually valueless without the provenance that actually places them on that battlefield, but with that provenance they become incredibly important and poignant objects in our museum, reminders of the bravery and sacrifice of more brave British troops during this action over 150 years ago.

“These objects were on display for all of us to appreciate and deserve to be on show amongst the other artefacts from that historic day.”

Additional Info

Police Incident Number292 of 04/07
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