“To some of you he’s merely a car, to others just an ‘old banger’. But to me Cyril is the 5th (yes 5th, above Syd the dog) member of the family and very dearly loved by yours truly for 23 years (though he himself is 43).
Which brings me to the very very sad news that Cyril has been abducted, from outside our house in Herne Hill, South London – on Saturday evening.
My mind turns over and over to dragster death races and scrap yard crushers…..I am distraught.
Please share this as far and wide as possible and HELP BRING CYRIL HOME!!
He’s a dark red Morris Oxford VI from 1970, reg no. YYO 350H

Additional Info

Police Incident Number2952:17Feb13
Police ForceMetropolitan Police Service 0300 123 1212