white and grey Yamaha raptor 700 gytr, only extras refurbished exhaust from big gun. performance chip and ebay cheap fancy lights indicators- daylight running lights etc for information that lead to the recover of the bike will reward £1500 if you find it in any bushes or abandoned place please let me know so you can get the reward, also offering a reward for the thief’s £1000 if found video of the thiefs on YouTube https://youtu.be/PmqQck4KuPQ, thanks for all
This bike has been refurbished so the exhaust as you can see has a square mark from the old sticker the new big gun sticker is smaller then the original ones that cover all the exhaust, plastics on the back left side are scratched, sticker in the information sticker area with some jokes, tires on the rear of te quad are necked left has a pink dot were it was fix and the right has a massive cut, lots more to mention lights etc all done by me

Additional Info

Police Incident Number1401605/17
Police ForceMetropolitan Police Service 0300 123 1212
Insurance Company NameHighway