Stolen from a house: gold jewellery and silver items totalling almost £5,000.

The stolen items include:

* Two silver salvers engraved with winners and associates of Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland, D 3 9 competition
* A silver spoon warmer, round 6″ x 4″ oval shaped with a half hinged lid, with four ‘ducks feet’
* Six silver napkin rings with an engraved pattern and engraved ‘R’ on each
* Four egg cups, silver and patterned with a serrated top edge
* A highly patterned silver Turkish cigarette box
* A silver tea set, teapot with black handle, milk jug and silver basin, the set has splayed feet
* Two silver sugar casters, 6″ in height and 3″ in diameter, patterned
* Set of ten silver tea and coffee spoons
* Silver 7in crochet hook,
* Two silver mustard pots with blue insert and spoon
* A pewter letter knife, engraved with Middlesbrough Golf Club Ladies Captain with ball and chain handle
* Pair of 18ct gold half sovereign cuff links
* Pairs of modern cuff links, white pattern in square shape
* A ‘tigers eye’ gents 18ct gold ring
* A bent half sovereign ring, George V 1913 half sovereign 18ct gold rind
* Ladies sapphire ring with diamonds, 18ct gold
* A cut glass bowl, 5″ in diameter x 4″ in height with a solid silver lid
* Two cut glass boxes, 1 x 6″ and 1 x 4″ with solid silver lids

Additional Info

Police Incident Numbertbc
Police ForceNorth Yorkshire Police 0845 60 60 24 7