Silver/grey C Boardman Team MTB Mountain Bike
Stolen Tuesday 3rd April approx 10:20PM/10:25pm
Bike also had Grey Drinks Bottle / on same bracket small mini type pump. Rear LED light attached to seat stem from bracket for LED on handlebars but no LED as I still have in a bag. Also a Releigh Trip Computer & sensor attached to front forks on right hand side if you were sat of it and small magnet on wheel (sensor very angled due to fatness of forks). Tyre valve caps mismatch as rear had new innertube though I have already had to put a tyre patch on on the tube.
whoever did it cut through main lock with motorised cutter as that is what alerted me but person or persons were off and gone by the time I managed to get down to it.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number314N030412
Police ForceWest Mercia Constabulary 0300 333 3000