My beloved squire stratocaster has been taken from my car whilst it was parked at a friends in Middleton. It’s black with white scratch plate, covered in stickers, will be impossible to flog. Please share, I’m devastated. Had it since I was 15, so it’s over 30 years old. I don’t have any pictures but has loads of stickers (of note is The Terminator near the bridge, a judge dredd sign on the head stock).It has some deep scratches on the back of the body, and a tiny gouge on a fret. One of the saddles (high E?) is different to the others So all in all easily identifiable. It was in a black padded Road Runner case with VOX AC30 plug in headphone amp. It’s very unique and the stickers have been on there forever so won’t come off easily.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number13180216609
Police ForceWest Yorkshire Police 0845 6060606
Insurance Claim ReferenceN/A