STOLEN from outside the Fuller’s Brewery, next to the Hogarth Roundabout on the A4 going out of London, Chiswick. VERY DISTINCTIVE A_TEAM COLOURS Toyota Townace van registration number K392 EJM, VIN CR21-0167470 was stolen at 15.49 on Saturday 29 October. Looking at the CCTV from Fullers brewery cameras, it was towed away by two men with a 1996 – 2003-ish white LDV flatbed with a Harvey Frost-type manual crane on the rear, and amber emergency lights to the centre of the roof.
It took them three minutes only to drive into the cul-de-sac next to the main carriageway, turn the LDV around, hook up chains to the rear towing hooks on the Townace, lift it up and drive away.
It is taxed until end of November and I have just spent a lot of time and money rebuilding it to pass the MOT and run well for the next year – to say I am upset would be an understatement. Thanks to these thieves, I cannot take all my kids anywhere and the insurance company will not pay out enough to buy another one. Thanks you b******s, think about that as you watch it get crushed and pick up £100. If anyone sees it – it is painted matt black with A Team stripes and bullethole stickers, please call me – anytime – on 07896 921115. I will pay a decent reward to the finder.

Additional Info

Police Incident Number0525488/11
Police ForceMetropolitan Police Service 0300 123 1212