Around 60 cases of Robinsons ‘Fine Dry 2011 Vintage Cider’ (pictured) were taken when thieves broke into a business premises near the Herefordshire/Shropshire/Worcestershire border.

Community Support Officer Adam Harris is investigating the incident and said: “This particular cider is not on sale anywhere. It was due to be released onto the market in 2013, so if do you see it then it is definitely the stolen stock we are looking for.

“Robinsons only make one product which they sell in bottles and the label is pretty much identical to the one pictured, except that it doesn’t have the ‘2011′ as in red on the image. Also, the producer always packs the bottles into cardboard boxes before distributing them.

“So, if the individual bottles say ‘2011′ on the front label and/or they are found in shrink wrapped units of 12 bottles, then they are stolen.

“We are appealing to anyone – members of the public, licensees, bar staff – who may have seen this cider on sale, or been offered it, to call us.

“It may be that it has been purchased in good faith and if this is the case, then please get in touch so that we can clarify the issue at the earliest opportunity.”

Additional Info

Police Incident NumberCSO Adam Harris
Police ForceWest Midlands Police 0345 113 5000