Crime Prevention

The Police are obliged to hand back thousands of  pounds worth of stolen goods to thieves each year because the goods are not marked and there is no way for the Police to trace their owners.

There are a number of initiatives which aim to help prevent items from being stolen and/or aid their return to their rightful owners.

Animal and Tack Marking/microchipping We recommend that all animals and tack are micro-chipped and, where relevant, freeze marked.  Freeze marking acts as a visible deterrent, micro-chipping acts as an aid to recovery when an animal or item of tack is found

The Horsewatch Alliance recommend that all items should be marked with your home postcode. You can do this with stamping, engraving, paint, self adhesive lettering any medium available.  This provides an immediately visible deterrent to would be thieves and is immediately traceable if the item is found with the marking still in tact.

Forensic Marking
This is proven to be an effective deterrent against acquisitive crime. It involves applying a solution which contains an indelible, unique chemical signature on your items which can be traced to you by laboratory testing.  Forensic marking is detectable under ultraviolet light.  There are several companies offering this service, including Crimestoppers Property Protector, Enigmatag, RedWeb Technologies, Selectamark Security Systems and SmartWater Technologies.

Household Items Same advise as Horsewatch above, mark everything, including items in your sheds, garages and gardens.

Vehicle Theft Prevention Vehicles can be fitted with immobilisers and vehicle tracking systems.

Bicycle Theft Prevention See the bicycle security page of Secured by Design for more information.

Neighbourhood Watch, Farm Watch and Rural Watch – join whichever is appropriate and display relevant stickers as a deterrent.

General Measures

  • If you own an expensive watch – make sure you have a record of its serial number.
  • Make sure garden sheds and garages are securely locked.
  • Check to see that security products have been accredited by Sold Secure.
  • Fit theft alarms to oil tanks and consider fitting a padlocks.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are secured with in accordance with the requirements of your insurance company. This usually means that door locks should be mortice locks manufactured to at least BS3621 specification.
  • Get a reputable, accredited company to fit an intruder alarm system to your premises. Look for companies accredited by NSI or BSIA
  • Fit suitable security systems in yards, gardens and business premises.
  • Ensure firearms are kept in accordance with the requirements of your licence.

For further information on securing your house, premises and property, visit Secured By Design

Securing uPVC doors –

Other Sites

There are a number of other sites that allow the listing of stolen items.  Some require you to pre-register your items and some operate in specific niches.  The following is not an exhaustive list, but includes some other sites that you may wish to look at. – national equine crime database