If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be burgled, how can you find your stolen items?

I remember years ago, a neighbour’s son finding his stolen tape-recorder on display in the local second-hand shop.  Fortunately he had marked the tape recorder, so he could prove that it belonged to him.

Many stolen items end up being sold online.  It’s an easy, anonymous way for thieves to sell their stolen goods.  If you purchase items through an online auction site you have no way of knowing where the seller really lives, or who they really are, as the chances are the goods will be posted to you.

So – if you want to try and get your goods back – search online auction sites.  Also search specialist secondhand sales sites – there are many internet sales sites specialising in selling second-hand horse tack, second-hand bicycles, etc.

Many thieves will keep your stuff hidden away for a few months before trying to sell it.  Keep looking.  Above all, make sure your stuff is marked in a unique way so you can prove that it is yours.