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Our First European Theft

Blog September 30, 2011

A few days ago the son of one our founders was unfortunate enough to have his watch stolen in Spain.  We have recently trademarked our name in Europe, but we weren’t expecting our first European theft to be a member of our own families.

The item stolen was a watch – a 21st birthday present from the owner’s grandmother.  The owner speaks fluent Spanish and had got into what he and his friends believed was a genuine taxi.  It was white and was parked on a taxi rank.  Sadly it wasn’t a taxi, but a conman waiting to prey on a victim.  In this case, our founder’s son.

If you’ve ever had an item stolen you will know how long it takes to inform the police (at home or overseas), be interviewed, inform your insurance company and all the other necessary formalities.  Meanwhile the thief is long gone, along with your possessions.

The great advantage of It’s Been Nicked is speed.  Within minutes of the theft you can add your stolen item to this site.  A photo is always a great help if you have one.

Then, within minutes, your stolen item is identifiable and the message is spread, making it harder for the thief to sell on or remove from the country and making it more likely that your item will be found and returned to you.

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