According to the BBC, many tractors are stolen and spirited overseas, where they are sold on.

At the time of writing this, I have read reports of stolen tractors being sent to Eastern Europe, Ireland, Iran – in other words, anywhere out of the country.

These tractors can be worth up to £100,000 and represent a devastating and crippling loss to the hard working farmers who own them.

How can you prevent this?

  • Never leave the keys in an unattended tractor, even for a few minutes.  If you need to “pop behind the hedge” – take the keys with you!
  • Fit your pride and joy with an approved immobiliser and tracking device.
  • Mark your tractor (all other equipment) prominently with  your postcode.  This acts as a visible deterrent and also means it can be quickly traced to you if it is found with the markings in tact.