Using Us

It’s Been NICKED ™  has two main purposes:

1) To provide a place where victims of theft can list their stolen items.

2) To provide a place that is searchable by someone who finds goods that they think might have been stolen.

Listing your NICKED items

The over-riding principle for this site is that any item listed MUST HAVE BEEN REPORTED AS STOLEN TO THE POLICE.

Why do we ask that?

Because we do not allow you to post any personally identifiable details.  You MUST post a Police Incident Number and a Police contact phone number.

Why don’t we allow personal details?

There are two reasons for that:

1)  Anyone can read this site.  We do not want you to become a potential victim for further crime.

2)  Security.  If we do not hold your personal information we cannot give it away – however unintentionally – if this site is subject to malicious hacking.   We do our best to secure this site – but nothing is 100% secure.  What we don’t know, we can’t give away.  Your personal details are safe here – because we don’t have them.

How to list your NICKED item

  • Before you use this site for the first time you will be asked to register.  This is so that you can then log-in to your user area and manage/change/delete your ads.
  • Choose a user name and enter a real email address.  Your password will be emailed to you.  You need to be logged in to post an ad
  • Click on “List an Item”
  • Fill in the form.
    • You can add up to 4 photos of your item (each photo must be NOT BIGGER than 250kb)
    • You MUST add a Police incident number and Police contact phone number
    • Add your town/village/general location but NOT your full street address and/or postcode.  If you live in a remote area DO NOT (for example) say the item was stolen from “High Fell Farm” – say it was stolen from the High Fell area or from the nearest town/village
    • If your items have been marked with Smartwater, please say so
    • If stolen animals are freezemarked or tattooed, please say so
    • Agree to the terms and conditions and note that we do log your IP address for security purposes
  • Currently listing is free, so once you have agreed the Ts & Cs your ad will be listed
  • If you are adding a stolen watch or similar item, please make sure you INCLUDE THE SERIAL NUMBER.

Please note:  We reserve the right to remove any ad that we consider to be inappropriate or that contains personal details.

If you find a NICKED item

If you find or see an item(s) that you think might have been stolen, browse through the categories on this site to see if you can locate it.

If you think you have found a matching item, contact the Police phone number given in the listing and quote the Police reference number.

You can leave a comment below the ad, but you cannot reply to the poster personally.  This is a safety measure to prevent unwanted/malicious contact.

Privacy and Safety

a) Its Been Nicked ™ needs your email for you to register as a user.  We respect the privacy of your email address and we will NEVER rent or sell it.  If you have any reason to believe that your email address has fallen into the wrong hands via our site, please let us know so that we can double check the site’s security.

b)  Your IP address is logged when you post an ad.

Personal Site Safety

Remember: anyone can read this site, from any country anywhere in the world.

Sadly, the world is full of thieves (which is why this site exists) and scammers – especially internet scammers.  So:

a) if you are posting an ad for a nicked item DO NOT ADD ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION.  We want YOU to stay safe.

b) if someone replies via the comment form, BE CAREFUL.  We recommend that you do not reply, but pass any information to the Police.

c)  DO NOT SEND MONEY to anyone that replies via the comment form, however plausible their story.  Scammers are adept at spinning out a story, pulling you in and making you trust them.